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A general-purpose single-header C logging library and parser for event-based logs. (Incomplete)


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20825 Jul 2020 23:39b503441Expand tabs in headerJosh Stockin1345345G
20722 Jul 2020 22:12099d627Update GitHub workflow included pathsJosh Stockin111G
20622 Jul 2020 22:0272f6c1fFix README header size shieldJosh Stockin122G
20522 Jul 2020 21:599974d1cMove header from src/c/ to src/; remove parser main.cJosh Stockin4965G
20422 Jul 2020 20:3474ad0dfRewrite struct definitions for statement and eventJosh Stockin11416G
20322 Jul 2020 20:2864e29abBring lognestmonster.h up to dateJosh Stockin13225G
20222 Jul 2020 20:27616a224Bring repository up to dateJosh Stockin32212G
20130 Mar 2020 19:17824476cSimplify for loop to while loopJosh Stockin163G
20030 Mar 2020 18:422fc5cc7Move extern "C" declaration inside header guardsJosh Stockin175G
19930 Mar 2020 15:46e573237Use matplotlib for graphs of performance test resultsJosh Stockin33931G
19830 Mar 2020 12:35799173fUse enum instead of static consts for typesJosh Stockin142G
19730 Mar 2020 10:45bd6bf7aReformat and fix cross-platform time functionJosh Stockin11513G
19630 Mar 2020 10:37679072bUse const char * type instead of char *Josh Stockin11615G
19524 Mar 2020 23:323ce6207Add -std=c11 specificity to gcc callsJosh Stockin255G
19424 Mar 2020 23:273ef85c1Change all abort() calls to lnm_abort()Josh Stockin13556G
19324 Mar 2020 21:05446acd7Fix memory leak in lnm_registry_freeJosh Stockin415557G
19206 Feb 2020 21:31728148fBegin parser executable sourceJosh Stockin2690G
19106 Feb 2020 18:390ab0f71Bring header unit tests up to dateJosh Stockin26568G
19006 Feb 2020 18:38c487a24Remove tag functionality from log statementsJosh Stockin11836G
18905 Feb 2020 15:18b41ce54Stop running performance test in GitHub ActionsJosh Stockin111G
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