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A git web interface for Lua/OpenResty (you're on it right now!)

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A git web interface for Lua/OpenResty.

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Lua modules (Lua 5.1/LuaJIT 2.1.0/OpenResty LuaJIT compatible, accessible from Lua path/cpath):

Module Description
lyaml Reads and parses YAML config files
puremagic MIME type by content, used in blob rendering
etlua Embedded Lua templating (for HTML rendering)

Other command line tools (installed on system path, accessible from shell):

Program Description
md4c (md2html) Renders GitHub flavored Markdown
highlight Syntax highlighting in HTML format

Linkable Libraries (installed on system path, accessible with LuaJIT's C FFI):

Library Description
libgit2 Dynamically linkable C API for Git


  1. Copy this directory with its scripts to a place OpenResty/nginx workers have access, such as /srv/[SITE]/resty-gitweb. (In reality it doesn't matter where, as long as it's accessible.)

  2. Copy your config file (resty-gitweb.yaml) to /etc/[SITE]/resty-gitweb.yaml (or somewhere else)

  3. Add the following near the top (main context, outside of any blocks) of your OpenResty/nginx configuration file:

# resty-gitweb won't run without this

# PROD for Production, DEV for Development. DEV by default.

# Wherever you put your configuration file
env RESTY_GITWEB_CONFIG=/etc/[SITE]/resty-gitweb.yaml;
  1. Add the following to the http block in your OpenResty/nginx configuration file:
# Add resty-gitweb to your Lua package path
lua_package_cpath "/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1;;"
lua_package_path "/usr/local/share/lua/5.1;/srv/[SITE]/resty-gitweb/?.lua;;";

# Initialize modules for nginx workers
init_by_lua_file /srv/[SITE]/resty-gitweb/init.lua;
  1. And in whichever location block you wish to serve content:
# Delegate request to OpenResty through resty-gitweb app script
content_by_lua_file /srv/[SITE]/resty-gitweb/app.lua;
  1. Reload OpenResty/nginx to update config

OpenResty or nginx?

Note that I use "OpenResty/nginx" instead of just OpenResty; while you can just install and use the pre-built OpenResty package, you could actually use nginx with only a few added OpenResty components. These are the only OpenResty components you actually need to compile to use this package:

nginx modules

Lua libraries

(run sudo make all install LUA_VERSION=5.1 for each)

Note that lua-nginx-module is the only nginx module that needs to be installed with nginx compatibility. The other dependencies just need to be installed on your Lua path/cpath. If you're compiling OpenResty components yourself, you may need to build them with OpenResty's branch of LuaJIT 2.1.0 instead of the original.

(The full OpenResty package has far more precompiled OpenResty components, so you may just want to use that if resty-gitweb isn't the only thing you want to use OpenResty for.)

Copyright and Licensing

This package is copyrighted by Joshua 'joshuas3' Stockin and licensed under the MIT License.

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